Media Release - Street Lighting in Woodvale


The McGowan Government has been caught out again, saying one thing publicly but hiding what is happening on the ground and which is impacting real every day West Australians, North Metropolitan MLC Tjorn Sibma said today.


Recently a constituent raised with Mr Sibma the matter of a street light in Acheson Crescent being replaced in February and which by June had still not been reconnected to power.  This despite being given assurances by Western Power that the light would be reconnected in five days, and then told it would take 12 weeks and be rectified by early May.  While the issue of one light may not seem important, it took questions from Mr Sibma in the Legislative Council of the Parliament on 13 June 2018 to discover that in fact there have been 49 cable faults in Woodvale that have impacted multiple street lights in the Woodvale area.


Mr Sibma said: “It is unacceptable that residents of Woodvale are still in the dark months after the removal of ‘faulty’ street lights”.


He said it was extraordinary that it had taken questioning from him in Parliament to get a full explanation of the problem and to get a firm commitment to when the issue would be resolved.


Mr Sibma said:  “It’s even worse when they were told that replacement street lights would be installed and electrified in around five business days”.


When questioned in Parliament the McGowan Government responded categorically that budgeting and human resource constraints were not constraining Western Power from undertaking routine maintenance and replacement activities.  Yet in written advice to a resident in Acheson Crescent Mr Sibma said: “Western Power staff have admitted that budget pressures mean that they cannot fix faults which are not considered ‘emergencies’, leaving Woodvale residents in limbo”.


Mr Sibma said: “Households are paying an additional $700 per year as a result of the McGowan Government’s increases to fees and charges.  People have a right to feel ripped off when the Government cannot be bothered to ensure basic services like reliable street lighting”.


What is also concerning is that the McGowan Government in a Parliamentary response to questioning on this matter has said that their policies are not impacting on how services are delivered, yet the advice from the agencies provided those services is exactly the opposite.


Mr Sibma said: “How then do we trust the McGowan Government when it says there will be no impact when they stop funding Landsdale Farm School, close Moora Residential College, and the raft of other broad sweeping statements they have made on services and programs that affect so many West Australians”.



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