Labor closing Landsdale Farm School


Labor has delivered an unwanted Christmas present in its savage funding cuts to education and which smacks of hypocrisy and cynicism, North Metropolitan MLC Tjorn Sibma said today.

He said for months we have been hearing about new expenditure on upgrades and renovations to schools, most in Labor seats, and even a brand new school in Subiaco.  And yet now we find out, amongst other things, that children who receive their schooling in isolated parts of Western Australia will cease to do so; children who are gifted will be disadvantaged because of funding cuts; and those children already experiencing disadvantage such as those at the Landsdale Farm School will have their funding removed completely.

Mr Sibma said: “New Labor members in the northern suburbs would have known about the cut to the Landsdale Farm School and yet there has been complete silence.  These members should be ashamed as they are NOT representing the needs of their community.”

He said Landsdale Farm School was vitally important to the children with disabilities that attend the school and the McGowan Labor Government is further disadvantaging them and their families with this cynical decision.

He said the McGowan Labor Government had justified the cuts to education in the name of repairing the budget – something that seems to be a catchcry for any bad decision made by this Government.  And yet this same Government can find the money for new schools and beautification of schools at the expense of those already doing it tough!

Mr Sibma said: “It was appalling that the McGowan Labor Government had treated the people of the northern suburbs and other areas in such a callous manner.  Children attending the Landsdale Farm School and their families certainly have been given a very selfish Christmas present by a totally heartless Government and one which fails to accept responsibility for the decisions it makes, and instead tries to dress them up as the fault of the previous government.”

Mr Sibma said: “I call on the McGowan Labor Government to reinstate the funding for the Landsdale Farm School and stop using the previous Government as a justification for every bad decision it makes.”

Zak Kirkup