About the Region

Tjorn Sibma is one of six representatives of the North Metropolitan Region of Perth. 

The North Metropolitan region covers the northern third of the Perth metropolitan area, stretching from Two Rocks to Cottesloe, stretching inland to the Perth CBD and Girrawheen.

A map of the Region can be found below, with indicative Legislative Assembly districts overlayed.

Other Liberals in the region include:

  • Hon. Peter Collier MLC
    • (92039588/peter.collier@mp.wa.gov.au)
  • Hon. Michael Mischin MLC
    • (9301 1896/michael.mischin@mp.wa.gov.au)
  • Dr David Honey MLA
    • (9383 1505/david.honey.cottesloe@mp.wa.gov.au)
  • Tony Krsticevic MLA
    • (9246 1800/carine@mp.wa.gov.au)
  • Peter Katsambanis MLA
    • (9307 8311/peter.katsambanis@mp.wa.gov.au) 
  • Sean L'Estrange MLA
    • (9383 7120/Churchlands@mp.wa.gov.au)
  • Hon. Bill Marmion MLA
    • (93863064/bill.marmion@mp.wa.gov.au)
  • Hon. Liza Harvey MLA
    • (9204 2777/liza.harvey@mp.wa.gov.au)